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Home Improvements Dublin is a professional roofing company in Ballyroan serving all areas in Ballyroan. We are your Ballyroan roofing contractors with over 22 years experience at repairing all types of roofs in Ballyroan, ranging from flat roofs, to tiled roofs, and all the way to pitched roofs. We provide free estimates & inspections on repairing all roof types and carrying out new roof installations. Whether your pitch roof, tiled roof, metal roof, slate roof or flat roof has been damaged, you can rely on Home Improvements Dublin as your #1 Ballyroan roofing repair contractor. We are here to help with all types of roof repairs and ensure you, your family, your roof and your property are safe and weathertight.


Roofing Repairs Services Dublin

It’s a good idea to respond to any form of roof damage or roof leak as quickly as possible to avoid further damage to both the roof and your property. So if you need an experienced Ballyroan roofing contractor, Home Improvements Dublin is here to help resolve all your roofing issues. We respond quickly and offer you our unparalleled expertise and skill at repairing and replacing roofs fast and professionally. All our work is covered by our 15 Year Guarantee. If its loose roof tiles, damaged ridge tiles, leaks or there is some underlying damage that needs a skilled Ballyroan roofer, we can have our team visit you as soon as possible to assess the damage by offering a free inspection. Everything from loose roof tiles, leaking roofs, storm damaged roofs, ridge and roof tiles and damaged roofing underlays.

All our roofing repairs are undertaken by our own trained roofers. We are constantly improving our roofing service, our years of experience mean we get the job done on budget and on time. All repair work carried out by our trained and insured roofers is to the highest of standards, with hundreds of satisfied customers and written long term guarantees on all roofing repairs and replacements, ridge tile repairs, flat roof repairs, roof tiling, chimney repairs, and garage roofs.

Since we know our roofs really protect us and take the beating from mother nature, If you wish to see one serving you for a good period of time, it’s wise to spend money on roof repairs when the need arises, so any little problem arising can be addressed before it becomes major and forces you to spend more or even replace the entire roof. Going about any roof repair project is not necessarily a straightforward thing because you need to address several concerns.

Some important things to consider before embarking on a roof repair project include:

– What types of problems are roofs prone to in Ballyroan?
– Choosing the right Roofer in Ballyroan for the job
– How much exactly does roof repair cost in Ballyroan?
– How often should the contractor come to check the roof?
– What if the roof is restored and the problem persists?


Those are some of the concerns that should be on your mind when trying to planning for a roofing repair project. This guide will look into some important aspects encompassing roof repairs so that at the end of it all, you won’t be lost and will definitely have a good idea of how to tackle such issues if they ever arise.


Roofing Repairs Services Dublin


Common Types Of Roofing Challenges in Ballyroan

 Nowadays, when it comes to handling Roof Repairs in Ballyroan, you are not restricted when picking a roofing material for your project. This guide will look into some of the most common damages and challenges home owners face with their roofs and how they can be fixed.

1. Structural Roofing Damage.
A very good example is a tree blown down on a roof by a storm. Such happening will result in heavy damage to the roof costing the oner lots of money to fix such a damage. The impact of such an occurence is a devastating structural damage and strongly depend on the things that have fallen on the roof. Structural damages range from simple punctures on the roofing material and sheathing to the entire collapse of the roof. The appropriate fix for such problems largely relies on the extent of the damage. For most serious ones, a roof replacement is advised as the best course of action. Small damages such as punctures and partial damage to the roofing structure can be easily fixed by a roofing professional.


2. Roofing Material Blow Off Damage
These kind of problem mostly affects slant roofs, majorly because their roofing materials act as an obstacle to the wind flow. The wind can cause serious damage to the roof in many different ways, and the most common one is blowing off some or a large portion of the material the roof is made out of. It all depends on the force and speed with which the wind hits the roof. With the right amount of force, the entire roofing material could be blown off. Other parts that stand the chance of getting damaged too are the felts and sheathing that can be blown off. Fixing blow off damages is not complicated because all one has to do is to replace the material that has been blown off. The new material should be attached to the bottom of the roof securely to prevent additional damage from strong wind.


3. Roof and Ceiling Leaks
These are the most common damages to roofs today. Leaks happen because of a lot of different reasons. For example, leaks caused by ice dams are very hard to detect, because the specific location from which water is seeping into the home might not even be close to where the leak is located on the roof.
Roofing specialists such as Home Improvements Dublin come in handy when fixing such leaks, and they can do it by examining the cracks and flashing on the roof. They also take a look at the chimney and vents, damaged tiles and leaks in the deck for any signs of passages that may allow water to seep through. Depending on where they spot the leak, a sealant will be applied and water poured to see whether or not the leak persists.


4. Roofing Tiles and Shingle Damage.
Roof tiles and shingles can get damaged due to a wide variety of reasons. They wear out long before the roof wears out and might have to be replaced. Other causes of damage to the shingles can be powerful winds blowing, damage from other items and excess weight damage from someone inspecting the roof. Old shingles don’t serve their purpose (since they’re old and worn out), and they become brittle and retract from the roof. When checking the shingles, it helps to look at the nails that have penetrated through the shingles as they cause leaks.
Fixing damaged shingles entails replacing them or even the entire roof as advised by an expert.


5. Missing Flashing
Roof flashing is an important part of the roof. It is meant to keep water away from the roof and the building materials or any other part of that roof that can be damaged by moisture. Over time it gets destroyed and allows rain to seep into the roof. Fixing the flashing depends on the damage to it and is mostly done by examining the roof and replacing them or installing the existing ones properly. Flashings are relatively durable and can be recycled.


6. Roof Scorching
Scorching and blistering on roofs is caused by entrapped moisture and poor ventilation within shingles. Blisters are not much of a bother since they do not affect the roof, but the major setback occurs when they begin to pop. Blisters should be pointed out clearly since they can be confused with other forms of problems and fixed by releasing the trapped moisture.

7. Roofing Ventilation Problems
Roofing ventilation needs to be in good condition since damages can allow animals and other elements from mother nature such as hailstones to get into your living space. They also get blocked over time and fail to perform their functions.
Repairing them entails inspection of the vents and installing new ones if need be.


8. Gutters, Downspouts, and Pipelines
Gutters and downspouts are meant to direct water flowing on the roof away from the roof to a drainage system. This helps to avoid cases of water building up on the roof and causing leaks. Gutters can also be blocked by debris on the roof, and this makes them unable to let water flow freely. Fixing it is done by examining the interior part of these gutters and clearing out any building material that might block the water pathway. Dents and scrapes can also be fixed to allow water to flow freely. Debris and sticks should also be cleaned out.


Roof Replacement VS Roof Repair

This is a major decision you will have to make when there is a problem pertaining to your roof. The cost of repairing some parts of the roofs has increased over the years, and so has the cost of roof replacement. Let’s look into a few things to consider.

– You should also consider looking into the time you are preparing to stay in that home. If you have plans of selling it in a couple of years, and the roof is in top condition, repairs will be your best option to avoid the financial impact of installing a new roof.

– The extent to which the roof is damaged is another determinant when deciding to replace or repair your roof. If there is some damage such as a leak, a roofing professional will inspect and check out the extent of it. If the leak is isolated, a repair might work, but if the roof is leaking in a bunch of places, a replacement might be in order.

– The essentiality of looking into the age of your roof cannot be over emphasized. While several things can cause problems, sometimes that may be a sign that your roof is getting old and needs to be replaced. Different types of roofs have their expected lifespans, and most of them will last between 15 – 30 years. If the roof is is 15 yrs and above but still looks like it’s in an excellent condition, then repairs might still be a viable option. Nevertheless, roofs that are past twenty five years old are not suitable for repair, and it is advisable to replace them rather than having a roofer contractor at your place every single week fixing the roof.

– There is also the option of installing a new roof over an existing one rather than replacing from scratch. Building codes allow one to roof up to two layers since additional layers could become too heavy for the building.

Knowing about all the info provided above will help you decide on whether to repair or replace your roof and what to use. But there’s also the problem of selecting a trustworthy roofing contractor in Ballyroan. Noting that you might find a couple of them portraying themselves as the best, be careful, as not all should be trusted. Here are a few things to check before selecting a roofing repair contractor in Ballyroan:

– Try to use a local roofer if possible. Go for businesses that have a good reputation in Ballyroan since they are familiar with the challenges affecting your roof. They are a good option since you do not need to wait for long before they can handle an emergency. Conclusively, they’re more likely to live up to their guarantees and bonuses.

– Ask for references, or better still, check out their reviews online. All roofers will tell you how good their work is, but you need proof of concept and work. Ask for references and people who have worked with them for more information on how they operate. If most people were satisfied with their work, then the chances are that they are good at what they do.
– Ensure they’re licensed and insured. Licensing and insurance is another important thing to look at. They matter since there are many risks associated with roofing repair jobs. You need to ensure that the contractors are insured and they also have a clause to cover for damages around your home during repair.

– Compare and contrast proposals offered by various contractors before choosing one. This is the best way to pick a suitable contractor since you can determine the best one out of the ones available. Assess how they approach the problem at hand and amount they quote before making a choice.
– Use experienced roofing contractors for the job. Experience is key. Roofing repair contractors that have been in the industry for long are your best bet since they have dealt with different scenarios and can offer a proper solution to your roofing problems.

– Lastly, find out whether they offer emergency services. Your roofing problems might come when you do not expect, and it is important for the contractor to deal with such situations as soon as possible.


Gutter Repairs Ballyroan – Gutter Contractors Ballyroan

We’re Ballyroan gutter repairs and replacements experts. Gutters and downspouts funnel water off the roof and away from the home. Poorly maintained and clogged gutters can lead to a lot of problems that can affect your roof, walls, foundation, and general landscape. Home Improvements Dublin is the right gutter repair company in Ballyroan for you. Are your gutters leaking? Has the gutter bracket become loose?

Has it lost the ability to drain water effectively from your gutters? or maybe your downpipes need replacing. Give us a call and we’ll be right there to help you resolve any issue you might have. Gutters in need of repairs can cause serious issues to your home and property not just the obvious overflowing from rainwater, but the damage that goes unnoticed to your homes brick, masonry, and foundation. Commercial property owners also stand at risk of these damages.


Chimney Repairs Contractors Ballyroan

Chimney construction, repairs, re-lining and renovation are our specialist areas, so whether you are upgrading an existing structure or are constructing a new building, we can provide you with the solutions that you need – quickly and cost effectively. We’re here to restore your dirty chimneys to their beautiful state. Learn More about Clondalkin.


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Ballyroan is a suburb in Rathfarnham, County Dublin in Ireland. It lies at the foot of the Dublin mountains, alongside Ballyboden, Butterfield, Knocklyon, Old Orchard, and Scholarstown.

















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