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Chimney Repairs in Dublin

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Dublin Chimney Repairs Expert. Home Improvements is a roofing & landscaping company based in Dublin that has been working hard to bring excellent quality chimney repairs to homes and businesses since 1997. We specialise in Chimney Problem DiagnosisChimney Relining & RestorationChimney Stack Repairs, and Stove Fitting.


Fast Chimney Repairs Dublin

Chimney’s just like any other part of the roof can fall into a state of disrepair. When you consider the heat a chimney constantly deals with combined with the Irish weather, it is no wonder that the brickwork or lead flashing around your chimney can easily become damaged over time and start do dislodge.

We at Home Improvements Dublin handle all chimney repairs in Dublin, in a fast, affordable and professional manner. Regardless of its internal damage or its structural issues. Chimney flashing is a major concern for a lot of owners as this can cause a lot of internal damage around the chimney area,  cracks on the chimney dislodged or slipped tiles/slates around the chimney area. We can help provide and install bird guards as well as making sure no bird is able to enter the chimney causing internal issues.

We know how important it is to keep your family warm in winter and how dangerous it can be to leave damaged chimneys unrepaired. We take a huge amount of pride in our work and have worked on projects large and small across Dublin & Louth. Having spent over 22 years in the trade, our expert team of roofers have adequate knowledge of chimney problems and are masters at resolving all chimney related issues.


Chimney Doctor Dublin

Working on a chimney requires a skilled and competent chimney contractor, that’s why it’s important that you hire trained chimney repair contractors with the proper qualifications and insurance.


Free Chimney Inspection in Dublin

Need chimney repair services in Dublin or Louth? You’ve come to the right place! Whether it’s chimney relining, stove installation or chimney stack repair, you can count on us to always do an excellent job. We pride ourselves on quality affordable chimney repairs. Call us today for a free inspection

Chimney Repair Contractors in Dublin

We specialize in:

  • Chimney repairs
  • Chimney re-lining
  • Construction and new builds
  • Stove installation

We have over 22 years of experience in the roofing and chimney construction industry, and having some of the most creative and talented builders in Ireland, we can build a chimney to precisely match the shape and style of your house/commercial building for a consistent and pleasing appearance. If you need a chimney repair contractor in Dublin, we’re here to meet all your chimney needs. We carry out all types of chimney repairs, both Large and small.

Domestic And Industrial chimneys

Our experience extends to residential and commercial properties, so we are equally comfortable with your home or business. We offer a free, no obligation site assessment and quote, so whatever your requirements may be, our skilled team is up to the task.

Chimney Repair And Construction

Chimney construction, repairs, re-lining and renovation are our specialist areas, so whether you are upgrading an existing structure or are constructing a new building, we can provide you with the solutions that you need – quickly and cost effectively.

Chimney Cleaning Dublin

Looking for a chimney cleaner in Dublin? We’re here to restore your dirty chimneys to their beautiful state. We also have a chimney cleaning team that can supply you with a service that is fast, responsive and efficient. With our advanced equipment and trained engineers, we can get your chimney as clean as the first day with an absolute minimum disruption to your normal routine. And no soot marks on your carpet, tiles, curtains, walls or furniture.

Chimney Sweeps Dublin

Above all and most important is our commitment to making sure your fireplace, stove unit or gas insert is safe. We use state of the art cleaning equipment consisting of heavy-duty flexible rods, various sized flue cleaning brushes and a powerful creosote sweeping vacuum system that removes dangerous excess creosote resulting in a safe and functioning unit. We also offer live and dead animal removal, decorative spark arrestor chimney caps which prevent critters from entering, promoting safety and water damage prevention.

Chimney Flashing Dublin

Chimney flashing is one of the most important details of a successful residential roof system. Roof leaks are commonly found near the base of the chimney and can usually be attributed to improper flashings. Brick chimney flashings consist of several components including underlayment, step flashing, a metal saddle, mortar, counter flashings, and solder. This chimney flashing process includes time-tested industry practices to ensure the roof and chimney remain watertight far into the future. Items that should never be incorporated into the chimney flashing process are roof cement, caulk, and face nails to hold the flashings in place.

Chimney Stack Repairs Dublin

Damaged chimney stacks can allow water penetration resulting in dampness on the chimney breast internally and wet rot in the roof timbers. Damaged chimney stack liners can inhibit the flow of smoke exiting the flue terminal, resulting in down draughts and leaks of harmful dangerous fumes into your house. Damaged chimney stacks with water saturation compounded with freezing temperatures, causes contraction and expansion creating further damage on an ongoing basis resulting in the bedded joints of the block/brickwork separating, making the chimney stack unstable and under adverse weather conditions liable to collapse.

Chimney Cowls Dublin

A cowl is a usually hood-shaped covering used to increase the draft of a chimney and prevent backflow. The cowl, usually made of galvanized iron, is fitted to the chimney pot to prevent wind blowing the smoke back down into the room below. When using an open fire to heat a room the smoke rises through a flue to a chimney pot on the roof. Under normal conditions, the warm air from the fire will rise up the chimney emitting the smoke with it and dispersing it at rooftop level where it is less of a nuisance.

Chimney Relining & Restoration Dublin

We provide chimney relining & restoration on all chimney types in the greater Dublin area. Our chimney relining & restoration service includes restoring, renovating, and repairing where possible, however if required we can also demolish, rebuild and reline all types of chimneys.

Chimney Cappings Dublin

Chimney caps are also called rain covers. Having a chimney cap is the most inexpensive preventative measure that a homeowner can employ to prevent water leaks and damage to their chimney. Chimneys have one or more large openings (flues) at the top that collect rainwater and funnel it directly to the chimney interior. A strong, well-designed chimney cap not only keeps this water out but will also prevent birds and animals from entering and nesting in the chimney. Chimney caps also function as spark arrestors, preventing sparks from landing on the roof or other nearby combustible material. There are many sizes, styles, and materials available in addition to our most popular 100% stainless steel chimney caps with a LIFETIME WARRANTY..

  • "Excellent Service At Unbeatable Prices. Very Happy With Terry And his Team. Professional Service. Highly Recommended. Saved Me a lot Of Money Compared With Other Roofers In Dublin. Thank You"

    Home Owner, Dublin
  • "Salt of the earth, honest and trustworthy. Terry and his team have been brilliant at fixing a few leaks in our flat roof. They are quality workmen and showed me their references and qualifications. So important to check for these. No payment required till completion of the work. Highly recommended. Thanks Lads!"

    Home Owner, Dublin
  • "We were looking for someone to give us reliable garden maintenance in Dublin and we found Home Improvements Dublin great to deal with from start to finish. Within a few hours they managed to get my garden cleaned with some quick power washing and then done the gutter cleaning for me. I would highly recommend Home Improvements Dublin if you are looking for garden maintenance in Dublin area."

    John Griffin
    Home Owner, Tallaght, Dublin 24
  • "My husband got in touch with Home Improvements Dublin as we needed some gardening services in Dublin 15 done quite urgently due to a communion coming up. I must say, their gardening services are second to none and they actually pressure washed the back patio afterwards when they were done. We got both our gardening done and the garden cleaned in a few hours. Top quality gardening services!"

    Mary Curren
    Home Owner, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15

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