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5 star rating
Came home after a long weekend away to water coming through the bedroom ceiling. I called Terry first thing the next morning to take a look and he was out within the hour. Two hours later and he had patched up the chimney flashing. All done for a very reasonable price too. One very satisfied customer here. Don’t hesitate and call them

Melissa Mcdonagh

5 star rating
Great value, great service!! Fixed my roof on extremely short notice over the weekend. Will have them back to have some other work carried out in the new year.

Joe Fitzgerald

5 star rating
I've been incredibly happy with Home improvements Dublin. They repaired my roof quickly and efficiently. The cost was reasonable but most important they came out and fixed it the same day which was fantastic as it really got that weight off my mind. Highly recommended.

John G.

Chimney Sweeps Dublin - Chimney Cleaning Dublin

Chimney Cleaning Service

Expert chimney sweeps Dublin, we use a wire brush that is suited to the size of your chimney to scrub residue from the interior walls. As part of the service, tarps will be placed at the bottom of the fireplace and efforts will be made to keep mess to the minimum. The chimney uses the pressure difference caused by a hot column of gas to create a draught and draw air over the hot coals or wood enabling continued combustion.

Chimneys may be straight or contain many changes of direction. During normal operation, a layer of creosote builds up on the inside of the chimney, restricting the flow. The creosote can also catch fire, setting the chimney and the building alight. The chimney must be swept to remove the soot. We also offer other affordable roofing services in Dublin such as roof repairs Dublin, gutter repairs and soffit and fascia repair and installation

During the chimney sweeping process, we use the aid of chemical treatment to change thick, tar-like creosote into a more flaky and manageable consistency. As part of the service, tarps will be placed at the bottom of the fireplace and efforts will be made to keep the mess to the bare minimum. Our technicians always prepare clean work areas before starting to stop all suit from leaving your fireplace. In addition, we use powerful state of the art equipment to remove all soot before it ever leaves the air, as our technician sweeps through your chimney.


    As a fire burns in a fireplace, the air from the room goes through the grate and fuels the fire. As the fire burns, it releases numerous gases which rise, as they are lighter than the surrounding air. These gases then escape up the chimney and are released into the atmosphere. As these substances pass through the chimney, a substance commonly referred to as soot begins to accumulate on the walls. This includes a flammable substance called creosote. Over time, these deposits can begin to obstruct – and eventually completely block – the chimney. Fireplace and gutter cleaning Dublin experts, looking to keep your family safe and warm throughout the year.

    Such an obstruction can lead to an inefficient, and potentially unsafe, fireplace. This can be explained by the fact that a well-functioning chimney is necessary not only to allow potentially harmful gases to escape from the room, but also to ensure that the fire burns efficiently. As hot air ascends in the chimney, the fire sucks in more air from the room through the grate, in order to fill the space that has been left. Without this continuous supply of air, the fire would burn itself out. Deposits of flammable substances such as creosote also have the potential to cause chimney fires. Thus, a clean chimney is also a safer, more efficient chimney. 

    COST-EFFECTIVE Stove Chimney Cleaning

    If you need a cost-effective chimney cleaning service in Dublin, call us today for a free inspection. You can’t go wrong with working with a company that has over 22 years of experience in the roofing industry.

    It typically takes about minutes to sweep an Open Fireplace in Dublin. Most appliances are swept using power sweeping equipment. However, on some occasions, we do revert to the use of the old rods and brush method (if it proves to be effective for your chimney).

     Here are the things we basically do to get the ball rolling:

    • We perform visual inspection of the flue, fireplace, etc to ensure that the customer is aware of any risk factors that are obvious
    • We check for chimney tar or creosote.
    • We check for adequate air supply and that vents are function properly.
    • We carry out a smoke evacuation test.
    • We do a ground-level inspection of the stack, cowling, and pots to make sure that they are in reasonable condition and suitable for use with your appliance.
    • We check your carbon monoxide detector to make sure it is functioning and positioned correctly.
    • We check that the fireplace installation complies with building regulations.


    Can’t I clean my chimney myself?

    If you have a day to devote to the task, lots of patience and the necessary equipment, it is possible to clean your chimney yourself. Bear in mind, however, that chimney sweeping can be a somewhat messy process! Make sure that you cover the fireplace and carpet with plastic or a dust sheet before you begin.


    Why Clean Your Chimney?

    Not sure why you should sweep or clean your Dublin chimney regularly? Here are some very valid reasons to do so:

    • It clears creosote/soot deposits within the chimney, reducing the risk of a chimney fire and allows for proper venting of dangerous combustion gases.
    • It increases heat efficiency – A clean chimney will also help the wood in your fireplace burn more thoroughly and efficiently. If you haven’t had a gas fireplace service come to your home in a while, the chimney is likely clogged and an insufficient amount of oxygen is reaching the burning wood.
    • Makes the chimney easier to inspect – When you’ve already had professionals clean your chimney, it will be much easier for a chimney sweep to do their necessary inspections.
    • Avoids Chimney fire – A wood fire creates creosote, a substance that is sticky, concentrated, and highly flammable. Just a small amount of creosote can start a chimney fire.

    Keeps smoke going in the right direction – Just as carbon monoxide can back up in a dirty chimney and enter your home, so can smoke. While you will be able to see and smell the smoke, it doesn’t make it any less dangerous for your home or family. Inhaling smoke is neither pleasant nor safe, especially for children.

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