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A roof plays a vital role in keeping you warm, safe, and protected from the weather. When a roof to any building is tired or reaches the end of its life, maintenance, repairs and re-roofing may cost hundreds or even thousands of euros. But there comes a time when repairs and every form of maintenance will not be able to save the day, and at that point, you may as well start counting your cost for a new roof.

The age and the condition at which your roof is in will greatly influence the cost of a new roof. Generally, the cost of getting a new roof on an average property would cost about €6000, of which you may want to check if the work to be undertaken in terms of the roofing structure is something simple or complicated.

You may have made some investment in your home, probably to add value and of course, increase the curb appeal. The biggest investment you can make on any of your properties is when you get a new roof. However,  when you are planning on a roofing project, you should have a full understanding of the cost involved. You probably have worked on a similar project in the past but the earlier you know that every roof is different, the better.

To make the wisest possible investment ever, you must be able to account for everything proposed to be used. And while planning for the project, you should know how the costs of a roofing project are broken down. Find out the cost of a new roof in ireland.

Roof Size and Dimension

The cost of a roofing project is greatly dependent on the exact size and dimension of the roof, in other words, the beginning of creating a cost estimate is knowing the dimensions of your roof building. With this information at hand, a contractor can easily give you a quote for your project.

Working on a property with a small and uncomplicated roof makes things easier. Back to the memory lane in your basic mathematics, you’ll recall that the area of a square is calculated by multiplying both its length and breadth. For a complex and bigger roof, it’s a different ball game. The best way to get the size of the roof is to work with the building’s original plan. If getting the plan seems impossible, consult a contractor to obtain the information to estimate your project costs.

Material Cost

Accounting for the cost of your roofing project also has to do with preparing a material list. Some materials are rated for specific area coverage while there are some that are not, and to estimate your roofing cost you need all this information, so how do you go about it?

First thing first, determine which materials on your list are sold by square metre and the ones that are not. In Ireland, one of the common roofing materials is slate therefore, let’s consider slate roofing.

To calculate the cost per metre of every material that is not rated for a particular area coverage, divide their cost by the area of the roof.

Materials like drip edging, underlayment and some special tools are all sold per roofing square. To calculate the cost of each material per metre, divide their cost per unit by their coverage. Thereafter, multiply the result by the area of the roof to estimate the total cost.

Labour Costs

Labour costs account for a huge portion of any construction or building project. Labour costs in this sense have to do with the price of installation which of course is the most dangerous, demanding and difficult task to be accomplished. To install any kind of roof, you will have to consider the professional and highly skilled roofers that may want to work on that. And remember that “to every roofer, time is money”.

The time or the number of days and the number of people that will be needed to complete the job, all of these put together will determine the price of installation. Basically, most contractors would rather prefer to bill homeowners in days. Meaning that you’ll receive an estimate of the time frame needed for the project based on its scope and the total hands the job requires.

While most roofing contractors can complete the job quite quickly, some may take a couple of weeks and others may take months. The size of a roof, its accessibility, weather and the roof’s shape can alter the cost of roof installation. For instance, it takes 6 to 7 days to complete the installation of 100sq metres of slate.

To get the estimate of the total cost of the project, find the costs of labour. More often than not, experienced roofing contractors who have a clear understanding of what the project will cost are in the best position to give the right estimate.

Additional Costs

Beyond the cost of materials and labour, there are other miscellaneous costs associated with roofing. One of such includes scaffolding. Also, you will need to pay for services like a roof inspection, repairs and all sorts of maintenance in the future. When the previous roof starts failing after so many years of serving you, minor to major leaks might lead to damage to some properties in your home. You may have to incur some cost to put your home back in shape probably after the roof has been repaired or replaced. These associated costs are very crucial and should also be captured in your budget.

Final Thought

 Roofing is not only labour intensive but capital intensive as well. It’s a wise decision to be intentional or willing to know how much a new roof will cost but it’s even wiser to get an accurate estimate of the total cost.

Consulting with an experienced roofing contractor goes a long to tell how accurate your budget would be. Professionals can easily see impending roadblocks that individuals may likely not see coming. To say the least, contact a specialist contractor if you want an accurate budget for your roofing project. Roofing contractors Dublin can give you a free estimate for your next roof, contact us today!












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