If there is one part of your building that you should never cheap out on, it is your roof! Unfortunately, this is the case for most homeowners and businesses, their roof is not only given less attention but forgotten, left to the wishes of the weather with no maintenance whatsoever. We are inclined to agree with people who argue that a roof is the most important aspect of any building, certainly, it is super important. And for what is what, you should not slack on it.

Can you imagine what your home or property will look like if for any reason you have the entire roofing system rolled away? Aesthetic appeal, protection against the elements and the resale value, all gone, yes, that’s what it is. The importance of a roof cannot be overemphasized, if there is any investment you should make in your home, one of the biggest and most important is roofing.

Think about how much snow falls each year, it piles up every time and puts a strain on your rooftop. What about the hail, storm, heavy downpour and many more? All of these cause wear and tear on the roof and if repairs and maintenance are not accorded to a roof in due time, homeowners will be on their way back to the market for a new roof.

Choose the Best Roofing Contractors for Your Project

Something as important as roofing cannot be trivialized, you should ensure that you get it right the very first time and only by choosing the right roofing company makes that a reality.

Anything can happen during roofing, choosing roofing contractors who are fully licensed, bonded and insured can save you from lots of trouble. Only hire roofers who will not leave you in the dark but run you through each step of the process, not the type that shows up to work one day and disappears the next.

Trusted and Reliable Roofers Near Me Dublin

Do you have a vision for your roof? Home Improvements Dublin can make it happen. When you need professionals for your roof troubles, you can count on us for quality services. We are a licensed and insured roofing company in Dublin. Our expert team is readily available to provide you with anything that you’d like to know whenever you run out of ideas as regards your roof, take it as a free consultation to bring you closer to what is possible for your home.

No project is too big or small for us, and no job is declared complete until our customers are fully satisfied with the result. As important as your home is to you, so it is to us, and so is the quality of work that will be done. You should expect nothing less from our roofers, we value your property as much as you do.

Things can get really messy while at work in your yard but that isn’t the way it will look when we are done, we clean up your space and leave no traces of tools or scrap of materials behind. Our core value makes us different from other roofing companies. We ensure that your family stays dry and comfy regardless of what the weather brings.

Cutting corners or costs by using inferior roofing materials is never our style, we use the best materials for any of our roofing services from start to finish. We know what it means to fix roofs where cheaper or inferior materials were used, we understand how hard this can be on homeowners therefore we wouldn’t want any of our customers to go through such torture and headaches.

Our goal is to see that every home in Dublin stands up to any weather, which is why we offer roofing solutions at affordable price points.

……..Our Roofing Services……..

Roof Inspections

If you notice any sign of an internal colour defect on your roof then you might need a roof specialist to come check it out. Missing shingles and leaks are some of the common challenges a roof has to face, and since you cannot stop the occurrence of storm, hail, heavy wind and other influences of the element then you should be able to mitigate their effect.

A regular roof inspection can expose any impending danger to your roof health. When roof problems are detected earlier before they manifest, it helps to reduce the damage that should have been done and as such cut down the cost of repair. We can have your roof health evaluated and let you know the appropriate repair needed to bring it back to its perfect shape.

Roof Repairs

Your roof stands as your first line of defence from the element of weather and sometimes, animals. But when it gets damaged, that line of defence is broken and unless appropriate measures are taken lots of things can go wrong. You will think that there is no big deal to that small leak at the corner of your home but watch and see how that small leak turns out into a major problem if left unchecked.

We can handle any roof problem, from small leaks to bigger issues like blown-off roofs. Our team of experts can come over any time to repair your roof without taking much of your time and with no disturbance to your daily routine. Don’t let leaks linger for too long, call us whenever you see any sign of roof discolouration.

Roof Maintenance

One thing that is certain when dealing with roofs is that minor roofing issues can evolve into a major, expensive problem if left unattended within a short time. To make sure that the health of your roof is protected, you will need to implement measures that will allow your investment to stay in perfect condition.

With our comprehensive roof maintenance options, we can help you to control mould issues, keep unwanted pests away from your roof and prevent leaks that can lead to water damage. Do you need roof maintenance service in your home or business? We can provide you with the best roofing maintenance that will sustain your roof through its lifetime.

Emergency Tarping Services

At Home Improvements Dublin we take pride in fast emergency repair. Heavy rain, wind and storm are the most common causes for missing roof tiles and blown away shingles. Our emergency tarping services will come to your rescue at any time of the day. Our professionals are trained to listen to your complaints, complete a thorough investigation and proffer the best solutions that your roof needs.

Roof Restoration

There are times when your roof system needs more of major maintenance. Our restoration roof services help to revitalize your roof by adding a substantial number of years that can prolong the roof’s life. These services are usually rendered to homeowners whose roof is aged enough for a replacement but seems not to be financially ready for a new roof. Our team of experienced roofers can buy your roof extra time until you are ready to get a full replacement.

Roof Replacement

There comes a time in a roof’s life when maintenance and restoration services will fail. Whenever any roof building reaches the end of its life, it doesn’t matter how good of a job done, it still cannot beat the damage; however, a roof replacement will be the best solution. Our roofers will love to walk you through the replacement process.

We’d like to show you more of our roofing services? Call us today for a free quote. We can offer warranties on any of our services and our estimates come with no obligation. Contact us today as we’ll like to work on your next project.

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